- 10th Annual -

Extreme Sports Team
Beach Wrestling Rules (modified Jan. 2015 by UWW*)


Simple Rules
(REVISED international beach wrestling rules* in red)

- On sand, inside a 23’ diameter circle (about 3.25' feet bigger than last year)
          Standing position - no ground wrestling

- 1 period, maximum of 3 minutes

- 3 points wins the match (no fall)
          1 point for a Takedown or Push-out. 
       2 points
for a Takedown with Back Exposure

- Tiebreaker criteria:
          1st - Wrestler with 2 point move,  2nd - Last person to score
          If no score after 3 minutes...match keeps going until someone scores

- No stoppages...No timeouts, No injury time, No blood time.
          (except by decision of referee or to get sand out of face). 
- Penalties: 1 Point for an illegal action.  (2nd offense - wrestler defaults match)
          Illegal Actions:
          - Kicking, slapping or punching (includes malicious crossfaces)
          - Butting heads, attacking the face, or pulling hair
          - Throwing sand or pulling clothing
          - Head-only holds or holds/moves that may lead to dislocation or harm
          - Standing throws with the intent to harm the head or neck
          - Stopping the match for any reason (except sand in face)


- Disqualification will result in defaulting the match:
          - An illegal action where an opposing wrestler is hurt or bleeding
                   and cannot continue

          - Coating the skin with a greasy or slippery substance
          - 2 penalties for illegal actions

- Flagrant Penalties will result in elimination from tournament:
           - Illegal Actions (with intent to harm), Biting
Swearing, not shaking hands with opponent
          - Arguing with, threatening or purposeful contact with referee
          - Any action that is deemed unacceptable or irresponsible...
                   in match, tournament area or State Park

Officiating, Rule Interpretation, and Scoring 
- Rules Clinic prior to tournament (everyone should attend) 
- Officials’ decisions cannot be questioned

* In Jan. 2015, United World Wrestling announced the updated Rules and Regulations for the discipline of Beach Wrestling. The modifications of the rules comes after several years of tournaments and a desire to ensure fair competition which highlights technique and awards wrestling actions.

United World Wrestling is the international governing body for the sport of wrestling; its duties include overseeing wrestling at the Olympics.  It presides over international competitions for various forms of wrestling, including Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling for men and women, as well as other disciplines.  (United World Wrestling was formerly known as FILA - Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées, having assumed its current name in September 2014).

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